Dear Pablo

A few weeks ago, one of those strange mental connections, thought a lot about you. It will seem a bit strange because it was after an endless transatlantic flight, landing in Vancouver. In the unbearable through customs, I read all the official labeling in English and French. The fact is that Quebec was more than 3,000 kilometers of the city of the Pacific, and although it was not the first time I was in that country, and in the Anglophone area, reflected on the effort put Canadians to maintain union country. Because the proportion of French-speaking Quebecers is even lower than that of the Catalan within the Spanish state. And, curiosities of life as well as in English-speaking areas find a scrupulous respect for linguistic diversity of the country, hard to find anything written in English in the Quebec area.

All these thoughts came to mind for you legitimately consider that it is better to maintain political unity of the state. Although (not without some ambiguity) you have shown in favor of self-determination of our country, Catalonia, prefer that there was more than likely segregation. To be convinced, you talk about a kind of hypothetical refounding the state, a constituent process where this time, a space of comfortable coexistence would find so many Spanish politicians, softly, called diversity (word used by the same Franco political) will, and that without euphemisms, is nothing but “plurinational”, ie, the coexistence of various nations of identical validity, and yet are organized based on the Castilian supremacisme, and uses the denial to preserve this inequality in rights.

I came to head this effort Canadian, and I came, also in the head, that famous anecdote in which a woman from a Spanish provincial town set up a chicken for the supermarket found a product labeled in Catalan. Indignation ceased from the moment the manager assured that it was Portuguese “Ah, then good” calmed down. Although obviously this is nothing more than an anecdote that I could not assess the extent to which it is representative, yes it is very significant to the absence of effort to set a climate that allows transfers from an increasingly hostile coexistence of different nations within the state, to a true coexistence. As a historian, and as a citizen who has nearly half a century of experience in this state, I have to confess my skepticism. Now, I grant you doubt. The question is, Paul, you who have made a great effort to try to build an alternative project about the decrepit regime of the Second Restoration, you’d be able to do to heal the process that leads us headlong toward divorce, which legally is called independence?

Look, Pablo. I respect deeply. I know you’re a brilliant scholar, you have a powerful speech, have undeniable virtues and have something I admire people: you’re smart. Contrary to what you might think, intelligence is not a political virtue. From this, I imagine, you have to realize. For the living they know often excite the most sordid aspects of individuals, and often the majority distrust the brightest people. I also know that you know the Catalan subject thoroughly. At least, you have close relationships with people who dominate the issue in depth. You know this is not a matter of “nationalism” emerged by spontaneous generation. I would be surprised that you would believe the biased reading of Gramsci did Solé Tura around the Catalan question as a monopoly of a certain social class. I imagine you’re aware that Catalonia is the ability to break with the regime that emerged from the transition, this process was not the continuation of Franco by a democratic veneer. You must understand, therefore, that the fierce anticatalanism dominating the mainstream media (and which is also installed in most of the tribal society Spanish) it is a kind of cordon sanitaire to prevent a contagion effect regarding the possible breakup.

Now, after all these difficult months he has had to live, you know, as a matter of simple correlation of forces, as a matter of numbers and political tradition, the break is only possible in Catalonia. And it is through a process of independence. A process involving independent with respect to a political system that is democratic fraud, regarding a “deep state” with respect to the beneficiaries of Francoism, benefit from the strategic areas of management, compared to a monarchy imposed by a psychopathic dictator. And, even if you letters, you must be well aware that, within the state, and their hypothetical allies we will not have more than enough strength not to change this situation. In Catalonia, yes. Although the price is breaking this state that is prison peoples, social classes prison, jail dissidents, prison everything that does not agree with the musty stale dominant power of extractive aristocracy.

In fact, I think that you and many of your colleagues, could make an excellent role in the Catalan constitutional process, which effectively will take place from the moment we declare independent. It would also be appropriate to strengthen the coalition of forces between the different social groups in an essentially plural Catalonia and with divergent interests. In fact, I think you’d be very welcome to build a Catalan Republic. As you know, contrary to the propaganda that floods the media and the Hispanic bias, we do not ask where you came from or why you came to the people coming from everywhere, but “in which you would like to collaborate.”

Now, I accept and I deal with your aspiration to build a different Spain, even though many of the waivers that we have made for “focus” you devalues ​​the project to the category of “regeneration”. In Spain, the regeneration does not serve as historians know. You can not regenerate dead. Spain, as a state, we must lift again, probably smaller and more egalitarian, abandoning its imperial instincts and hobbies supremacists.

However, what would you be willing to do to maintain a link between Spain and Catalonia? You would accept a differentiated status of nations? It would be Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia if they so decide, be “freely associated states” with their diplomacy, their national sports teams (the symbols are extremely important), direct to European and international organizations representation? Together of Spain with autonomous communities? you allow the creation of a Catalan Countries (Valencia and islanders if they deceixen?) You’d do the Catalan official language throughout the confederation?

More things. Send the Bourbons abroad? Here we tolerate no head of a family with a history that would serve for several seasons of HBO. Redo symbols representing Spain? Because, I’m sorry, the official symbols representing Spain are completely incompatible, because they are just Francoist symbols. The actual running well musically represents abominable black and militaristic Spain. If I may, I would propose a different Hispanic hymn like “The hymn to freedom,” Labordeta, able to gather more appropriate sensitivities. And a new Hispanic flag where there was this black to symbolize the dark Hispanic past, and white, while the symbol of equality and start a new page in history as opportunities.

All right. I would like you to have excellent results in the Spanish elections. But you know perfectly well that before touching Catalan. The only way for Spain to leave behind a story to mourn, is to realize his mistakes and a strong will to start from scratch. And that will not happen without the independence of Catalonia. That’s why I think you should be consistent and, above all, courageous.



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